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  1. In February of 2007, tumblr was launched by its founder and ceo David Karp. tumblr is a social media traditionally used for blogging and posting photos. tumblr was founded by karp out of his mother's small apartment located in Manhattan
  2. We brought over our extensive (2000 pages long & linked below) Taekook Timeline. We aren't familiar with tumblr so we will keep learning about formatting and reader navigation. The original google docs will still be kept open and updated. A follow would encourage us with all the work that this idea implies
  3. Wikipedia Views. The chart below shows pageviews of the English Wikipedia article Tumblr, on desktop from December 2007, and on mobile-web, desktop-spider, mobile-web-spider and mobile app, from July 2015; to March 2021.A data gap observed from October 2014 to June 2015 is the result of Wikipedia Views failure to retrieve data
  4. Desktop Timeline | Mobile Timeline If the timeline links aren't working for you on mobile, try opening this url on a browser app: preathtimeline(dot)tumblr(dot)com/timeline
  5. Timeline. THE TIMELINE IS A WORK IN PROGRESS! In an attempt to make this the most official timeline on the internet, the final product will include links to all my notes as to why things are placed where where they are. I will also be trying to include information from sources other than the tv shows
  6. This is a hypothetical timeline of events related to Peggy Carter, illustrating how her story may have played out alongside historical events. This page draws from two main posts: Peggy Carter's SHIELD file. Spy recruitment during the war. This is based on my own interpretation

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taekooktimeline. Mid January - end of January 2021 (released June 15, 2021) Run BTS 142 the perfect combination is filmed. Jin, Jk and Tae select the cabbage on the table over the green onion, so they form one team (with Joon, Jimin and Hobi forming the other team) Timeline: Dates and Events (Please Note that this page is in progress.) More Recent • New Stuff • Louis Solo • Zayn Solo • Harry Solo • Niall Solo • Liam Solo Ships • Larry Stylinson • Ziam •..

Mobile Preath Timeline It's here, and it's a lot. [[MORE]] The following is originally from skatertobin's blog: Ok so here's what we think went down: 2015 August to I wanna say November? They get.. Aug 29, 2019 - Explore Avery Egbert's board Tumblr Timeline, followed by 305 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about tumblr funny, make me laugh, hilarious

Chicago Franchise Episodes Timeline. petitcartonvert. As a lot of people are getting interested with the franchise but don't know where to begin since there are so many crossovers between the three, now four shows, I made a list that could come in handy. I also wanted to go back and binge watch from the start without getting confused with the. Timeline is a must for anyone studying film, working as an editor or with an interest in a behind-the-scenes look at the industry's native craft. This is the best history of film/video editing development I've ever seen in one place. Not Quite by Peter Vidani Standing on Tumblr.

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Timeline NB: This is a work in progress. • June 23th 1894 - Prince Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David of York is born at White Lodge in Richmond Park. His great-grandmother Queen.. Shield (Galar) • Gloria is the protagonist and Champion of Galar. • Bede, Hop, Gloria, Marnie and Victor were 14 years-old during their journey. • 6 years have passed since Gloria defeated Leon and became Champion. Bede, Hop, Gloria, Marnie and Victor are currently 20 years-old. Leon, Raihan and Sonia are 25 years-old Tumblr Timeline The things I come across on Tumblr that catch my eye♑ Posts; Likes; Archive; I'm so small #ShortGirls #TinyGirlProblems the only place I can get clothes that don't look like a 12 year old should be wearing them #Sirens someone's need to make a shoe lone for small footed people that don't cost a fortune #BirthdayFlex. august 3rd ; a son & heir is born to the king and queen. celebrations in london go on for three days, however the feasts for the prince remain at court for a full month. both mother and child recover at hampton court palace in the queen's private chambers. isabeau is churched on the fortieth day after giving birth and that same day prince philip is baptised, churched, & bestowed the title duke.

A Timeline of Events 19.2.2011 - Kori and I started dating. 18.8.2012 - Kori and I moved in together. 10.3.2013 - This blog was made as we were WAITING TO TRY. 17.7.2013 - I stopped taking the pill.. Timeline. Unmarried life ( Pre-Timeskip) During this time, Absinthe is still with her surrogate family the Brulot Family and is portrayed as chasing or dating hot, older men. She is shown as being a Pint Agent for the family and a chef for the Gator's Nest. Her pet alligator, Fizz, still hasn't become a homie and is just a regular animal

January February March April; May June July August; September October November December; 1st: Classes Begin 5th: Old Glee Club disbanded 8th: New Directions formed 23rd: April joins ND 30th: April leaves ND 4th: Emma's birthday 7th: Girls v. Boys competition 30th: Will's Birthday 3rd: Will & Terri separate 4th: Mr Schue suspended 12th: ND win Sectionals 18th: Rachel's Birthday 25th: Christma Believe it. Timeline of Naruto Universe. For my own purposes, I want to sort out a timeline for how I'd like to believe the events unfolded, starting with the founding of the villages as Year 0. There are a lot of contradictory statements about how old people are, when the village would've existed, etc Timeline 2010 • 1.6.10 Dad Passed Away • 6.6.10 Rock N Roll San Diego (Team in Training) Walked 13.1 in 4:01 • 8.1.10 Started my Journey • 9.11.10 MS-150 Columbia MO Bike • 9.15.10 Started c25k •.. Priscilla Presley: Timeline 1920: James Wagner, Priscilla (Beaulieu) Wagner's biological father, is born to Kathryn and Harold Wagner. 1922: Priscilla (Beaulieu) Wagner's maternal uncle, Albert..

san-timeline. 1623257629. 9 June 2021. copy link to post. permalink. link copied. Timeline. Note: This is a fan-made timeline of events / worlds in the Yogiverse. While this is the most likely order of events it is not canon, and therefor may be changed or proved wrong by future videos 7th annual dashcon this July 16-18! I'm just gonna say this now to get it out of the way: on this blog we tolerate everyone except transphobes/terfs, homophobes, exclusionists, nazis, racists, and whatever other kinds of bigots there are. If you are any one of those things please leave Timeline. September 5, 1982: Johnny Gosch disappeared while delivering the Sunday newspaper; August 14, 1984: Two years since Johnny disappeared, another paperboy, Eugene Martin, vanished in Des Moines. 1985: Three years since Johnny was taken a dollar bill surfaced with a handwritten note- I'm alive, Johnny Gosc

timeline December 20, 1912- Choi Ji-hu is born. March 19, 1948- Ji-hu disguises herself as a man joins the army. June 25, 1950- She is deployed with other North Korean soldiers to invade South.. Tumblr Timeline Theme. Tumblr Timeline Theme A vertical timeline-style Tumblr theme. View the code or scroll down to view sample posts. A project by Lorcan. 18.03.17 There is no truth that does not also carry bitterness. —Albert Camus, Summer in Algiers. 24.02.17

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Project Timeline *all times are GMT+8 MAIN ZINE • Interest Check: 15 DEC - 15 JAN 23:59 • Moderator Applications: 17 JAN - 17 FEB 23:59 *Results will be sent out latest by 21 February • Moderator.. Preath Timeline. Welcome to the home of the Preath timeline! Have questions, comments, or suggestions? Feel free to shoot me an ask! navigation. timeline timeline (mobile) timeline (tags only) notes. admin . superdupergust: christenpressgf. No I'm not okay right now posts-from-a-weirder-timeline. Whyyy did Apple start a brand of makeup, nail polish, and etc and have the first thing that they mass produce be edible nail polish. What the literal fuck is he point of putting it on my nails if I'm just gonna scrape that shit off with my teeth right after Welcome to Haitian History a blog interested in providing tumblr users with a brief introduction to Haitian history by placing a special focus on the country's political history. this outlined timeline does not go beyond the end of the Duvalierist Regime.) References provided at this end of this page should be used for a fuller analysis of. Tumblr in 2007. Tumblr. in 2007. 2007 2009 2011 2012 2013 2015 2019. Tumblr in Internet Archive. Tumblr 2007. Share Tumblr timeline

A Tumblr Book This tumblr is the online extension of a tumblr book by its editors. Our book is a peer-reviewed 2020 collection of essays by scholars, activists, industry people and a variety of tumblr users that offers analysis and testimony regarding the significance and impact of tumblr Timeline June 12th- Apps open July 10th- Apps close July 15th- Acceptance/Rejection emails sent August 15th- Check-ins September 15th- Final Pieces due September 20th- Preorders open October 1st-.. See a recent post on Tumblr from @larrytimelines about louis july 2021 timeline. Discover more posts about louis july 2021 timeline

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Author's Note. These timelines, based on the Timeglider.com software system, have been taken from my ever-expanding database of slang, which was also the source of Green's Dictionary of Slang, published in 2010.Slang covers many areas, but there are certain major themes which have dominated the vocabulary for over 500 years Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Fan Comic: Timeline Welcome to the official blog for the JJBA Fancomic, Timeline! Follow Johna Winchester as she gets sent to different events of her family's past, all taking place in a different timeline than her own Relax, these things never happened... oh wait-MacKenzie Scott donated $4.1B to help those in the pandemic, proving once more that women are the backbone of this societ

Chicago Franchise Episodes Timeline. The complete guide to watch every Chicago episode in the correct order. As a lot of people are getting interested with the franchise but don't know where to start with so many crachelovers between the four shows, I made a list to help watching them in the proper order i know everyone is fucking horrified that tumblr staff have decided to host an official dashcon 2.0 but personally i think it's going to be brilliant to watch from the sidelines. I've heard there's going to be a room dedicated to literally just playing the episode of supernatural where destiel went canon on a nonstop loop. i mean. cmon Notes: I tried to include only events and dates that are clearly and readily documented online (mostly on Twitter or YouTube, but also occasionally Instagram, Wikipedia, or news articles), but I did also consult @thephandirectory and danie & felucca's Dan & Phil Timeline of Early IRL Meetings), both of which include archived social media posts (tweets, Dailybooths, etc.) from 2009 and early.

BbS-KH1 timeline Main Information. This is not 100% accurate as many events are vague in their placement. Any event with unsure placement will have a conjecture label. Read the notes for the conjecture reasoning. Click an event's + in the top right corner to have it open/close references, sources, and notes TIMELINE NATURE ANIMALS DRAWING STORIES FUTURE ABOUT US Welcome to official site Sabedinovski.com Thu Aug 12 2021 22:32:23 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time) Poruka dana Sabedinovski 690 Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It's where your interests connect you with your people Poldark Timeline. 1509 - Trenwith House was built 1667 - Charles Vivian Raffe Poldark was born (according to Family Tree). 1680 - Anna Maria Trenwith was born (according to Family Tree). 1696 - Anna-Maria Trenwith and Charles Vivian Raffe Poldarque were married 1697 10th of August - Aunt Agatha was born (1697 according to Family Tree). 1698 - Claude Henry Poldark was born (according to Family. Timeline of U.S. Withdrawal from Afghanistan. Key decisions by two administrations determined to end America's longest war. By Eugene Kiely and Robert Farley. Posted on August 17, 2021

So hey- Im Rachel, 23, and I have 3 autoimmune diseases as well as various mental illnesses. This is what it's like to be pretty sick and still sorta funny A timeline covering the past 500 years of Ikemen Revolution's Wonderland. Spoilers below, of course! After realizing I might have made a silly timeline mistake in a fic, I'm making a valiant effort to organize what happens when and to whom! Ideally this will be a fully comprehensive timeline and include all characters and their backstories The latest Tweets from tsf (@tongsefang). Beijing VX: tongsefang202 Bdell1 tumblr.

Top content on Curation, Engagement and Tumblr as selected by the Social Media Informer community timeline of events. DEC 15, 2020 - rose moore is found dead in her house by her neighbor mrs. edwards. DEC 15-17, 2020 - police investigation and questioning begins. DEC 21st, 2020 - death is ruled a suicide Posted on Thursday, November 19 2020. Posted on Thursday, November 19 2020. Posted on Thursday, November 19 202 HORSEMEN. 1886 Pestilence Laboratories is established and later forms Pestilence. It is a week like any other week, which is not to say it is a boring week but, rather, an entirely typical one. A snapshot of life. 18/01 Pestilence Labs product launch and Pestilence narcotics export. Each year, it falls on a different gang to hold The Truce. timeline MARCH 3RD, 1995 kit grey barnes is born. not the way you would think, no. fairies are not born the way mere mortals are born. a baby laughs, that laugh breaks off into the wind and floats..

timeline. ( IMPORTANT NOTE: This timeline is SEVERELY HC-BASED and may change accordingly as more canon information comes out! While this is the timeline I mainly use for the blog, I'm willing to make changes for specific plots or threads depending on your muse! ) 1911: Samuel Lawrence is born on April 18th in a small town in Lousiana. Where. TIMELINE. SEASON ONE. episode one: coming soon BACKSTORY. june 2016. EON is established. by the end of the month, they have arrested and imprisoned nearly 100 EOs. april 2017. prudentia and ira team up with spes and choose the warehouse as their primary hiding place, with the goal of seeking out other fugitive EOs and bringing them into. Timeline - Tumblr Theme. Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts

danganronpa-timeline. SPECIAL. LINK: Future Foundation Assignment Questionnaire. Hope's Peak Series Timeline seonghwa-timeline. 1623257587. 9 June 2021. copy link to post. permalink. link copied. The Sexton Timeline. November 9, 1928: Anne Sextion is born Anne Gray Harvey in Newton, Massachusetts to Ralph Churchill and Mary Gray Staples Harvey. 1938: Anne's maternal grandmother passes away. April 1940: Anne's maternal grandfather, Arthur Gray Staples, passes away Summer 1940: Anne is hospitalized for 'severe constipation'. May 1948: Anne meets her future husband Alfred Kayo. Preath Timeline. Welcome to the home of the Preath timeline! Have questions, comments, or suggestions? Feel free to shoot me an ask! navigation. timeline timeline (mobile) timeline (tags only) notes. admin . superdupergust: magdapernilledaily timeline Character's ages must work around the ages of the main characters if playing a canon character. RBY/FRLG: • RED, BLUE & GREEN are TWENTY-SEVEN. • Red is the protagonist. • It has been 16..


timeline timeline (mobile) timeline (tags only) notes. admin . superdupergust: c-23-p. Posted on 8 Aug 2021 1:31pm (10 hours ago) #tobin heath #social media: tobin #2020 olympics #august 2021. 71 notes. brianmaysweirdbeard liked this . 1be-gay-do-crime1 reblogged this from c-23-p. 1be-gay-do. timeline. october 1962 - cuba. amid the cuban missile crisis, mutants erik lehnsherr, charles xavier, raven darkhölme, hank mccoy, alex summers, sean cassidy, angel salvadore, janos quested, and azazel are stranded at a blockade line, along with cia agent moira mactaggert Look through the development of Tumblr website on a timeline in 2009 MARCH 17, 2021 PROPOSAL SUBMISSION DEADLINE MARCH 31, 2021 NOTIFICATION OF ACCEPTANCE SENT APRIL 10, 2021 - CHECK IN #1 Anyone having issues? APRIL 19-MAY 23, 2021 - CHECK IN #2 DRAFT/OUTLINE/SKETCH.. Timeline Dorm Tags Mun Class Page Everyone is a Star Hi there~! I'm Hiro Shiroyama, the SHSL Motivational Speaker! Let's all get along! [Danganronpa OC blog for Ousama Geimu/King's Game!] Timeline

Look through the development of Tumblr website on a timeline in 2011 Timeline Docs Posted 10 years ago Posted 10 years ago 5 notes . Tagged: scwc, grading, county, . Posted 10 years ago Posted 10 years ago My blog All of Tumblr. Follow on Tumblr. Following. RSS feed The Twisted Timeline (a Steve Saga AT comic) Sabre is invited to visit the Steve Realm, but it seems something's off; not in a completely bad way, though Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Sign up Follow tinydotonanendlesstimeline. A Prince in Time. Time Paradox AU for A Hat in Time. Where Snatcher's Past Self suddenly finds himself in the present. This is not a RP blog, it is simply a place for people to ask questions about the AU. Run by Skippyin

EEs Timeline - wip. just a little s0ul carrying ar0und a c0rpse, d0nt f0ll0w if y0ure a p0rn bl0g 0r i will bl0ck y0u ((aradia rp blog, feel free to interact. muse and mun are 18+ anon: on, M!A: on) The latest Tweets from My Tumblr TimeLine (@TumblrOnTL). Welcome to my Tumblr TL on twitter. I'm a teenagers, i tweet my tumblr pic. Just for fun. And done ~~. Twitter,FB,skype,yahoo,tumbl

Since this is a Taekook timeline we focused on them and it's quite apparent that they had some serious common struggles. Yoongi's long letter to them both singles them out and links them together. Later on, Tae joked around asking if it was a copy-paste, meaning that they were going through the same thing Indie rp blog for Cerulean Dualscar. Mun and Muse is 18+ Blog will contain content not suitable for people under the age of 18. Blog will contain things like gore and possible suggestive material The Final Timeline. It's done! Click keep reading to see the entire fucking thing I spent ten days making. #mo dao zu shi #mdzs #gdc #grandmaster of demonic cultivation #founder of diabolism #wei wuxian #wwx #lan wangji #lwj #lan zhan #wei ying #timeline #lan sizhui #wangxian #mo dao su zhi Hamille Timeline . It's come to my attention that there was no masterpost of Hamille's relationship on Tumblr, and since I went to the trouble of gathering all the info I could find for my twitter thread, I decided to make one myself Alternate Timeline AU. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. Alternate Timeline AU. This AU centers around a guy named Chekhov (the events of canon don't happen in this so Steven won't be included, my apologies!) Posts; Ask anything! Submit a post.

Follow FilmWithinAFilm on Twitter. Timeline. (under construction) 1895 1896 1897 1898 1899 1900 1901 1902 1903 1904 1905 1906 1907 1908 1909 1910 1911 1912 1913 191 real. Weirdest ex-machina this show ever pulled was showing that Neo really was disguised as Pyrrha in volume 3, and Cinder accidentally killing Neo instead in chapter 12. rwby from a better timeline misinfo tw unreality rwby volume 3 cinder fall neopolitan pyrrha nikos. Holy hell everyone, im 3 followers from surpassing main Larry Timeline Sept-2020-> September 10th, James Corden made a video about kidnaping One Direction (long history) and we found out that, back in the Carpool Karaoke day, Harry and Louis shared a milkshake.Aw.-> September 15th, Eleanor did some sus things.On 15th she posted a pic with the caption back in my natural habitat The worse part is, the location, (Maida Vale W) is the same. 1D3D Gif Timeline. Relive the band's journey and key successes through interactive gifs

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harry styles harry styles dating harry styles girlfriend olivia wilde. Harry and Olivia out on a walk with friends (January 3, 2021) (Credit to the owner of the pictures) harry styles harry styles dating harry styles girlfriend olivia wilde. Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde at his managers Jeff's wedding (January 2, 2021 merely a glimpse into a much darker timeline of what you know as x life. Posts; ask them. find clues. solve the murder. Archive; quick heads up! this is a horror au arg-like thing. it is meant to be scary. and will contain blood and death and murder and stuff. if you are triggered by any of that, i would advise you to turn away from this blog.. DCAU Eras Batman: The Animated Series (1992-1997) Defining the Era: Being the first major era of the DCAU, the BTAS era's parameters are a bit rough. While there is a hard end in 1997 (see page for..

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Overgosh's Overwatch Timeline! The information above comes from official Overwatch hero bios, videos and articles, as well as interviews and panels from devs. I have a FAQ & Info Post, as well as a Source Links post related to this timeline, so check it out! Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions, comments, etc. : Mar 19, 2018 - Explore Cathy Blasing-Ruark's board FACEBOOK TIMELINE PHOTOS, followed by 506 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about facebook timeline photos, facebook cover, facebook cover photos

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Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History (from the MOMA's website) Art History of the Day Blog (very helpful for making image cards) The Google Art Project's Virtual Art Museum. Art History PowerPoints. Quizlet Sets: AP Art History Study Guide Set (271 terms) AP Art History Review Se